Fingerprint Sensors for Contactless Smart Cards

The TrustedBio™ family of products, launched in February 2020, includes fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions built around the IDEX new Biometric-System-on-Chip platform.

This family of products enable the additional biometric circuitry, currently embedded in the card as discrete electronic components, to disappear through silicon integration. By removing the need to embed these discrete components within the card, the biometric smart card cost, and manufacturing complexity can be significantly reduced.

The products in this family will address the various differentiation and integration strategies of our customers.  For example, we ensure the broadest range of compliance with the various Secure Elements (SE) providers are supported including pure-play EMV® chips.

Customers may choose a product as part of a complete biometric system solution with software and algorithms, or as a standalone biometric module for their own customisation.


The key drivers behind this new family of products are to leverage the IDEX off-chip fingerprint sensor, silicon and biometric systems technology to:

  • Enable significant cost reduction and manufacturing simplification through integration
  • Allow customers to leverage their existing SE designs and supply chain
  • Enhance contactless smart card user experience and usability through improved performance
  • Enable a continual improvement in security through advanced features such as anti-spoof detection.

Learn More About IDEX Biometrics:

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Next Steps:

Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are the answer when an identity needs to be authenticated. If you are a smart card or embedded device manufacturer looking to offer innovative identification and authentication solutions to your customers, then do get in touch.


NOTE: EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.