Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Experts

IDEX Biometrics is a true end-to-end fingerprint biometric solutions company, and we have developed a full fingerprint biometric platform which includes the fingerprint sensor or module, a range of reference designs and integration kits, biometric algorithms and a remote enrollment solution. In addition, we have the most extensive preferred partner network regarding complimentary component suppliers including Secure Element (SE) providers and Card Inlay & Prelam providers. This ensures that manufacturers that work with us get to market quicker.

We recognize that embedding biometric authentication technology into smart cards and embedded devices needs to be planned and managed, so we make it a painless process by having everything already set-up, proven and tested.  For example, we build out proof of concepts, define system requirements and set key performance indicators (KPIs). We also implement the biometric authentication system and validate the associated KPIs. We define and propose the security architecture of the biometric authentication system including secure enrollment, secure biometric verification and secure communications. This includes security evaluations and security risk assessments. Furthermore, we provide all the kits needed for system development and system characterization to our customers. We even support certification flows (at the biometric, usability and security levels) with the multiple certification bodies (if required) and provide the necessary tooling.

The development of biometric fingerprint authentication technologies clearly requires a significant amount of testing, and each fingerprint sensor type is tested in a variety of real-world scenarios, helping to ensure that they function as required in the myriad situations that could be encountered during their lifetime.

There are many, many reasons why we strongly believe that manufacturers of smart cards and embedded devices should choose IDEX over any other supplier, here are just some of the reasons but please reach out of you would like to hear more about Why IDEX Biometrics?

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