IDEX Biometrics – Let’s Talk Team IDEX

In our seventh and final 2021 Let’s Talk post on how IDEX Biometrics is more than just a component supplier, Peter Kollig, Senior Director of Engineering, Systems Architecture at IDEX Biometrics talks about the knowledge and expertise of the IDEX team.

Here at IDEX Biometrics we have all the subject matter experts under one roof including:

  • System Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Software Architects
  • Biometric Algorithms Consultants
  • Secure Element (SE) Coders
  • Embedded Software Consultants
  • Biometric Fingerprint Sensor and Module Experts,
  • Power Management Experts
  • Biometric Hardware Consultants
  • Electronics Designers.

This ensures unique opportunities for collaboration and seamless communication. The IDEX approach is unique in today’s market and has fueled many technology breakthroughs. It encourages thinking outside the box, providing IDEX Biometrics, and therefore their customers, with unique opportunities to develop biometric identification and biometric authentication solutions in new and innovative ways.

Local support teams (in Asia Pacific, Europe, the USA and the UK) are available to help customers achieve fast time to market; and we continuously communicate flows and processes with certification labs, providing tools for certification. This enables our customers to maintain their value proposition by supporting their choice of Secure Element (SE). For the best Time to Market (TTM), customers integrate our SE Biometric Software Development Kit (SE-Bio-SDK) into their SE Card Operating Systems (COS) and add biometric functionality to their payment applets. IDEX Biometrics’ value proposition adds to the customer’s own value proposition.

IDEX Biometrics can deliver just the fingerprint sensors, the fingerprints modules (which includes the biometric algorithm) or the full platform to customers. Whatever customers prefer to develop their biometric authentication solutions. The ability to customize IDEX’s offerings ensures more versatility than typical turn-key solutions. It creates a totally unique and extremely customizable biometric solution for biometric smart cards and other applications tailored to the customer’s business.

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