Fingerprint sensor manufacturer

IDEX Biometrics’ IDX3200, IDX3201 & IDX3205 are complete biometric system solutions with software and algorithms. All these products are exceptionally durable and can be used in both smart cards and embedded devices.

Some of the ways our products can be used include:

  • Dual interface, contactless only and contact only smart cards
  • Healthcare Cards
  • ID cards and devices
  • Logical Access Control (LAC) devices
  • Multi-use Cards
  • Payment Cards
  • Physical Access Control (PAC) cards and devices.

IDEX Biometrics offers off-chip capacitive fingerprint sensors and is the only supplier using this technology with the preferred ridge matching biometric algorithm. The IDEX off-chip capacitive sensors separate the fingerprint sensing elements from the chip that acquires the image and processes the biometric data. This ingenious design ensures excellent security, significantly higher image fidelity, superb noise immunity and market-leading usability under real-world conditions.


  • Bendable and durable – essential for smart card use
  • Ultra-low power consumption, no battery
  • Superior levels of security & compliance
  • High levels of common mode noise immunity
  • Excellent image fidelity
  • Outstanding biometric & user performance.

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Next Steps:

Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are the answer when an identity needs to be authenticated. If you are a smart card or embedded device manufacturer looking to offer innovative identification and authentication solutions to your customers, then do get in touch.