IDEX Biometrics – Let’s Talk Software

In our third Let’s Talk post on how IDEX Biometrics is more than just a component supplier, Peter Kollig, Senior Director of Engineering, Systems Architecture at IDEX Biometrics talks about the software components of their biometric platform.

Creating new and exciting technology has become increasingly popular, and IDEX’s solution is no exception. Building a complete end-to-end solution by making use of subject matter experts and engaging customers for feedback, IDEX’s software stands out among our competition.

IDEX Biometrics’ software consists of firmware running on the sensor and proprietary software on the Micro-Controller Unit (MCU) and includes:

  • Biometric host interface software with significant power signaling and coexistence extensions added to the protocol
  • Power Management (PM) software to provide power budgets for the fingerprint sensor or fingerprint sensor module, and Biometric Micro-Controller Unit (B-MCU), clock scaling to optimize system latency and protect from a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area of the operating volume (known as brown-out)
  • Image Capture Kit (ICK) and Enroll Match Kit (EMK)
  • Lightweight Real-time Operating System (RTOS)
  • Secure Element Biometric Software Development Kit (SE-B-SDK), which helps customers integrate the biometric system into the payment application. The SDK is available for multiple Secure Elements (SE)
  • Biometric verification algorithm split between SE and B-MCU Secure channel implementation based on primitives from the Global Platform Secure Channel Protocol 03 (GP-SCP-03).
  • SE demo code that allows communications with the card reader without the full Card Operating System (COS) and payment application
  • Software tools for card integration at the customer site, for production testing, and for biometric certification.

IDEX Biometrics can deliver just the fingerprint sensors, the fingerprints modules (which includes the biometric algorithm) or the full platform to customers. Whatever customers prefer to develop their Biometric Smart Card.

In providing the flexibility in the solutions we can integrate our biometric technology into pre-existing systems. This is yet another factor that sets IDEX Biometrics apart from its competition. The level of customization is unparalleled, and the testing involved before the customer ever sees the product ensures that our customers have a complete working Biometric Smart Card.

The previous post in our series on more than a component supplier looked at the Hardware Components of the IDEX Biometrics Biometric Platform.