As technology developers move into the future at fast speeds, more and more data is created, and the IoT hopes to connect all our devices into a technological amalgamation of data sharing and network building. Our data capacities will skyrocket, but the big question remains: how will the interconnected nature of IoT affect the safety of information? With all of our devices connected, the risk of losing important information rises. Biometric authentication is the security solution the tech industry is looking for.

The strongest security aspect of biometrics is its one-of-a-kind fingerprint. Biometric authentication technologies use biometric information that is totally unique to the user. Through enterprise-level biometric fingerprint sensor technology, IoT device manufacturers are able to incorporate fingerprint sensors into products providing simple and secure authentication at a cost-effective price.

Fingerprint sensors – embedded either on a smart card or a device – ensure that only authorized personnel or the correct individual are verified since the physical presence of the person is required for authentication.

Benefits of biometric authentication include:

  • Complete fingerprint match module for easy integration
  • Adds strong security to devices that was previously limited due to form factor
  • Replaces traditional methods of passwords or pins
  • Highly cost effective.

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