On-card Enrollment Solution

IDEX Biometrics’ incredibly innovative yet simple on-card enrollment solution addresses what the industry previously viewed as the largest barrier to adoption for biometric smart cards, remote in-person enrollment.

This low-cost and seamless end-to-end solution, for both smart card issuers and users, allows card users to securely enroll themselves without visiting a physical site such as a bank branch. Enrollment takes place entirely inside the biometric smart card using its standard secure  chip and, uniquely, without the need to connect the enrollment device or biometric smart card to a computer, smartphone or any other connected device.

With the IDEX Remote On-Card Enrollment solution, there is no possibility of any tampering or external interference during the enrollment process. Furthermore, there is no need for the card manufacturer to support a multitude of mobile phone or desktop apps to enable a graphical user interface (GUI).

The IDEX enrollment device is lightweight and can be posted to the user. The device’s physical shape guides the user through the process. Enrollment takes less than a minute and the IDEX solution has been designed to be incredibly user friendly. User friendly enrollment is known to aid adoption as well as the on-going usability of biometric smart cards. Once enrollment is complete the device can be discarded.

IDEX was the first to launch Remote On-Card Enrollment solutions, back in 2017.

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