On-Card Enrollment

IDEX Biometrics’ incredibly innovative yet simple on-card enrollment solution addresses what the industry previously viewed as the largest barrier to adoption for biometric smart cards for payments, remote in-person enrollment.

This low-cost and seamless end-to-end solution, for both issuers and users, allows card users to securely enroll themselves without visiting a bank branch. Enrollment takes place entirely inside the smart card using its standard secure EMV® chip and, uniquely, without the need to connect the enrollment device or smart card to a computer, smartphone or any other connected device. With IDEX’s On-Card Enrollment solution, there is no possibility of any tampering or external interference during the enrollment process. Furthermore, there is no need for the card supplier to support a multitude of mobile phone or desktop apps to support a graphical user interface (GUI).

IDEX’s enrollment device is lightweight and can be posted to the user. The device’s physical shape guides the user through the process. Enrollment takes less than a minute and the IDEX solution has been designed to be incredibly user friendly. User friendly enrollment is known to aid adoption as well as the on-going usability of biometric smart cards. Once enrollment is complete the device can be discarded.

IDEX was the first to launch On-Card Enrollment solutions, back in 2017. These solutions can be used for contactless only, contact-based and dual-interface smart card applications.

Off-Card Solutions

IDEX Biometrics also offers white label software applications designed to enable financial institutions to enroll customers within a bank branch, for example using a tablet device or a kiosk. These solutions are aimed primarily at financial institutions where customers would typically be expected to activate their cards in-person rather than remotely.



You can download product flyers below for SmartFinger® IDX3200, our fingerprint sensors for dual-interface smart cards, plus SmartFinger® IDX3400, our fingerprint module, as well as our innovative on and off-card Enrollment Solutions.

SmartFinger® IDX3200 fingerprint sensor – for dual-interface smart cards

SmartFinger® IDX3400 fingerprint module – a complete biometric solution

Enrollment Solutions – for both on-card and off-card enrollment


EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.