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You can download product flyers below for SmartFinger® IDX3200 and SmartFinger® IDX3205, our fingerprint sensors for dual-interface smart cards. Plus SmartFinger® IDX3400, our fingerprint module, as well as our innovative on and off-card Enrollment Solutions.

SmartFinger® IDX3200 fingerprint sensor - for dual-interface smart cards

SmartFinger® IDX3205 fingerprint sensor - for dual-interface smart cards

SmartFinger® IDX3400 fingerprint module - a complete biometric solution

Enrollment Solutions - for both on-card and off-card enrollment


Biometric Payment Cards: The Next Step in the Evolution of the Payment Card
January 2019

The integration of the biometric sensor into the payment card is considered one of the next-generation transformative innovations to move the payment card into the 21st century.

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Biometric Payment Cards, Where is the Market Today?
October 2018

Biometric-enabled payment cards have been in the market periphery for several years, largely remaining in a dormant phase as vendors continued to research, develop, and ultimately define and understand the potential customer base and benefits of biometric sensor integration.

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