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SmartFinger® IDX3200 fingerprint sensor - for dual-interface smart cards

SmartFinger® IDX3400 fingerprint module - a complete biometric solution

Enrollment Solutions - for both on-card and off-card enrollment


Biometric Payment Cards: The Next Step in the Evolution of the Payment Card
January 2019

The integration of the biometric sensor into the payment card is considered one of the next-generation transformative innovations to move the payment card into the 21st century.

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Biometric Payment Cards, Where is the Market Today?
October 2018

Biometric-enabled payment cards have been in the market periphery for several years, largely remaining in a dormant phase as vendors continued to research, develop, and ultimately define and understand the potential customer base and benefits of biometric sensor integration.

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eBook: Biometric Payment Cards: Are they the Game Changer for Financial Inclusion
May 2019

Financial inclusion is the pursuit of making financial services accessible, at affordable costs, to all individuals and minorities. While many of us take our bank accounts for granted, without one, the ability to engage in the economy and broader society is virtually non-existent. Download this eBook to learn how biometrics can make a real difference to more than a third of the world’s adult population who remain unbanked.

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