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IDEX Biometrics fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are highly secure, customizable and deliver a strong biometric performance while ensuring an outstanding user experience. All at a mass market price.


  • Welcome to the second post in our series on digital inclusion. In this post, Stan Swearingen, CEO of IDEX Biometrics discusses how the biometric smart card is a strong authentication means for the digitally excluded. Smart cards provide a strong means of authentication for the digitally excluded. The biometric smart card has the potential to

  • Welcome to our 3-part blog series on digital inclusion. In this first post, Stan Swearingen, CEO of IDEX Biometrics reviews how biometric identification is bridging the digital inclusion gap. Biometric identification allows for those who are typically digitally excluded to have access to services they otherwise would not. It’s 2019, and digital inclusion is something

  • Oslo, Norway, 15 July 2019: IDEX Biometrics ASA, the leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, is pleased to confirm that one of its Asian customers has achieved cost-effective, mass production standards for biometric smart cards.   This customer has established a strong reputation globally for their ability to manufacture and supply high-quality

  • Oslo, Norway, 11 July 2019: IDEX Biometrics ASA, the leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, has appointed Pascal Dufour as Director of Sales, EMEA, with effect from 9 July 2019. Mr. Dufour, who speaks French and English, has over 25 years of global experience, and excellent business and technical expertise, in the

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  • Financial inclusion is the pursuit of making financial services accessible, at affordable costs, to all individuals and minorities. While many of us take our bank accounts for granted, without one, the ability to engage in the economy and broader society is virtually non-existent. Download this eBook to learn how biometrics can make a real difference

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- July 19, 2019

Weary eyes and fictitious faces: why fingerprints are best for biometric authentication | Global Security Mag Online | https://t.co/eI6vZuqivm #biometrics #authentication #fintech #payments #access #id
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- July 17, 2019

Consumers demand fingerprint authentication to safeguard their identities https://t.co/BQ9MY1KQkc #biometrics #gdpr
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- July 16, 2019

Government-issued digital IDs will grow to 5 billion over the next five years according to a new report from Juniper Research #biometrics #identity #digitalidentity #government
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- July 16, 2019

New white paper from the Federal Reserve calls attention to the growing threat of synthetic identity fraud. Biometrics is a solution to this problem #biometrics #fraud #government https://t.co/gX99Jq8H3s
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- July 15, 2019

Biometric smart card production, with IDEX dual-interface sensor, reaches low-cost, mass production milestone https://t.co/59EmfCsLIn
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- July 11, 2019

IDEX Biometrics appoints Pascal Dufour as Director of Sales, EMEA https://t.co/tgZUZl6dg4
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- July 10, 2019

Me, Myself And I: Protecting Consumer Identities by David Orme at IDEX Biometrics | Information Security Buzz - https://t.co/O72cGHFSWL
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- July 9, 2019

Great day today with enthusiastic, smart and super confident young women at the 2019 Girls into Electronics event organised by @theUKESF at @RoyalHolloway. Lots of great questions and hope we inspired everyone we met to consider a career in #electronics. https://t.co/FAZtdV3Zt4