Fingerprint Sensors and Biometric Solutions

IDEX Biometrics fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are used in touch-free smart cards and devices. We help make authentication safe and highly secure while ensuring an outstanding user experience. Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are priced for the mass market.

Whilst we are currently focused on serving the biometric payment card market, we also provide our sensors and related technologies to partners addressing the identification, access control, healthcare and IoT verticals.


  • Welcome to the first post in our series on ‘Contactless payments in the age of coronavirus’. In this post, David Orme, SVP of Sales and Marketing at IDEX Biometrics ASA’, discusses how can payment systems combat the coronavirus pandemic. Our payment systems face a double threat – from smart card fraud and viral contamination. New

  • Welcome to the fourth and final post in our series on ‘Emerging Use Cases’, where David Orme, SVP of Sales and Marketing at IDEX Biometrics, discusses biometric technology and the next generation. The next generation of biometrics will be in the area of biometric access control technologies, where using keys and passwords will become a

  • The annual general meeting of IDEX Biometrics ASA on 15 May 2020 resolved that the board could offer to employees to take a part of their salary in shares instead of cash. Following election from employees, the board has on 1 July 2020 resolved to issue 4,318,523 shares instead of a cash compensation of NOK

  • Reference is made to the notice on 18 May 2020 about board members taking part of the board remuneration in shares instead of cash, acquiring 441,982 shares. The capital increase has been registered and the shares will be delivered soonest. The company’s share capital is now NOK 117,565,819.05 divided into 783,772,127 shares each with a

  • Over the last two decades retail payments have seen major waves of technological improvement, beginning with Chip & PIN in the 2000’s, followed by contactless payments a decade later. We now see, with fingerprint biometric technology, the next major wave. Fingerprint biometric payment cards can facilitate touch-free payments and change the payment experience. Download this

  • Following the coronavirus outbreak, consumers are ready to go cashless more than ever before. With many businesses discouraging the use of cash because of hygiene questions that surround handling money, contactless payments are front of mind to avoid touching pin pads. But in an increasingly cashless ecosystem, there is a growing threat of card fraud

IDEX Biometrics

- July 2, 2020

IDEX Biometrics: Compensation taken in shares 1 July 2020 https://t.co/Dlr2L1c70i
IDEX Biometrics

- July 1, 2020

Consumers are increasingly moving toward contactless payments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn how the payment sector has transformed #pandemic #covid19 #fintech #payments #contactless https://t.co/ckTxniKyFh
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- June 30, 2020

Zwipe Renews and Extends TGS Partnership. The new cards will leverage Zwipe’s Pay ONE platform, which combines @zwipe software with a #fingerprint #sensor from @IDEXBiometrics to deliver a single-chip #biometric secure elementhttps://t.co/62D408REQW
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- June 30, 2020

Are we at the tipping point for global biometric payment card adoption?#biometrics #fintech #payments #tippingpoint https://t.co/BXIfVF7yUc
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- June 26, 2020

Two sides of the same coin: Financial and digital inclusion #Mastercard #inclusion https://t.co/2iI0oTYw98
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- June 25, 2020

It’s time to wave goodbye to fingerprint scanners, and welcome the age of personal biometric cards #biometrics #access #contactless #pandemic https://t.co/jTiJJfBKad
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- June 24, 2020

The next major wave for retail payments is fingerprint biometric payment cards. Download our latest eBook to learn more https://t.co/yNQePtjIac #biometrics #ebook #fintech #contactless