Biometrics Fingerprint Sensors and Smart Card

IDEX Biometrics fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are used in touch-free smart cards and devices. We help make authentication safe and highly secure while ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are priced for the mass market. Whilst we are currently focused on serving the biometric payment card market, we also provide biometric sensors and related technologies to partners addressing the identification, access control, healthcare and IoT verticals.


  • In the second post of our series on SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer, IDEX Biometrics, explains what challenges SCA presents and how to overcome them. The year 2020 has proved to be a defining moment in the move towards a cashless society, with periods of lockdown and new hygiene standards. These factors

  • In the first post of our series on SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer, IDEX Biometrics, explains how biometric payment cards allow card providers to achieve SCA compliance without compromising on customer experience. The inevitable arrival of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) is certain to produce shockwaves across the payments industry. Implementing the new

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    Oslo, Norway –20 September 2021 – IDEX Biometrics ASA, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions for card-based solutions, announced today that Union Smart Card Co., Ltd. (Union Smart), of Shenzhen, China, is utilizing the company’s fingerprint authentication solution to secure the Cold Wallet Visual Payment Card. Union Smart has developed this

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    Reference is made to the notice dated 1 September 2021 regarding shares issued to employees acquiring shares under the 2020 employee share purchase plan. The capital increase has been registered and the shares issued. The company’s share capital is now NOK 137,926,078.20 divided into 919,507,188 shares each with a nominal value of NOK 0.15. For

IDEX Biometrics

- October 27, 2021

74% of Americans want a biometric payment card in the next 12 months. Research is clearly indicating confirmed demand for #biometric payment cards. Additional insights at https://t.co/5ImzKiTi7D #biometricauthentication #fintech #payments #biometrics https://t.co/7ZMbFf2vLO
IDEX Biometrics

- October 26, 2021

Insights published by IDEX Biometrics shows increasing demand for secure #biometric #payments and #authentication. 91% of Americans want a card that is tied to their unique #fingerprint. For more findings https://t.co/5ImzKiTi7D https://t.co/6n5hvXIXKi
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- October 25, 2021

Fingerprint sensor authentication provides seamless transition to the new SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) payment requirements. Learn more in our latest blog post series on SCA #authentication #biometrics #SCA https://t.co/XU5BOX9G0Z
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- October 20, 2021

Expansion for biometric cards in high growth payment markets of Latin America and Caribbean continues with our channel partner @zwipe joining forces with IC Payment to offer #biometric #payment cards featuring IDEX's TrustedBio™ fingerprint sensor https://t.co/3TuA7B2Mrh
IDEX Biometrics

- October 15, 2021

Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer at IDEX Biometrics, shares exciting news on how biometric payment cards create a payment process that is safe, speedy and highly secure for increased contactless payment limits #payments #contactless #biometrics https://t.co/muVQ5VZLju https://t.co/HO1cAQZ4Yn