Fingerprint sensors and modules

IDEX Biometrics fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are highly secure, customizable and deliver a strong biometric performance while ensuring an outstanding user experience. All at a mass market price.


  • Welcome to our second post in our series on “The importance of optimizing all parts of a biometric system”. In this post, Peter Kollig, Senior Director of Engineering, System Architecture at IDEX Biometrics discusses what a good biometric system needs to consist of? Most businesses and individuals now recognize the inadequacy of passwords as a

  • Welcome to our first post on “The importance of optimizing all parts of a biometric system”. In this post, Peter Kollig, Senior Director of Engineering, System Architecture at IDEX Biometrics talks about what makes a successful biometric tool. Creating a functional biometric sensor that can be deployed in a variety of ways is no easy

  • Only 12% of Generation Z haven’t accessed age-restricted content while underage One-in-ten of those who viewed adult content underage were traumatised by what they saw 80% of 16-17 year-olds believe biometrics should be used to protect underage children from accessing online porn 7th January 2020, UK, London: Those in Generation Z (born after 1995) are

  • Reference is made to the notices issued by IDEX Biometrics ASA on 18 November and 12 December 2019, regarding a private placement of 120 million shares in the company, split in two tranches. Tranche Two of the share capital increase, 64,574,593 shares has been registered and the shares will be delivered soonest. The company’s share

  • The biometric payment cards market is now at a mass market tipping point. The solutions and products are readily available, certifications are being awarded, and advances are being made to address mass production and manufacturing at scale. Learn more on biometric payment card misconceptions, ecosystem benefits and market activities. Download this report to learn more

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IDEX Biometrics

- January 27, 2020

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year from our Beijing and Shanghai team members #TeamIDEX #LunarNewYear2020 #YearoftheRat2020 https://t.co/JUkjXklBfi
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- January 23, 2020

Generation Z: “UK Government must do more to protect children from accessing online p**n” https://t.co/QfUCPexGDA
IDEX Biometrics

- January 21, 2020

Productive week last week for IDEX Biometrics meeting with card manufacturers in #Malaysia and #Thailand including DataSonic, CSP and TBSP #biometrics #security https://t.co/ye87szLz1j
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- January 20, 2020

Making customer privacy a priority | TechRadar - https://t.co/W0KHfW0HPE
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- January 17, 2020

Two-thirds (62%) of 'Generation Z' don't think that the UK Government is doing enough to protect children from accessing adult content ##biometrics #security #generationz https://t.co/U3QjxTQxks
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- January 16, 2020

Check out the biggest card trends in 2020 from IDEX Biometrics, Mastercard and other industry leaders https://t.co/9qQOMHuLSC #trends #2020 #biometrics
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- January 15, 2020

Jesper Domargård, VP Marketing, Financial Institutions at IDEMIA takes a look at the shape of things to come for biometric technologies https://t.co/6cswsE14hp #biometrics #future
IDEX Biometrics

- January 14, 2020

Generation Z are sparking a shift in consumer behaviours and expectations. Under 24's today expect to be using new, secure biometric technology for increased payment security and convenience #biometrics #security https://t.co/suYAt0Fv3k