In November 2018 we announced that IDEX Biometrics has partnered with Chutian Dragon Co., Ltd (“CTD”) in China for developing dual-interface biometric cards to multiple verticals, including payment and ID.

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In February 2021, China UnionPay (CUP) issued a second letter of approval (LOA) for a biometric payment card that contains IDEX’s fingerprint sensor and biometric solutions.

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In November 2019 we collaborated with DongWoon Anatech, a specialist inlay and biometric algorithm supplier in Asia, to supply its SmartFinger® IDX 3200 sensor for use in secure access biometric ID cards.

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In December 2018 IDEX Biometrics announced that it is collaborating with Shenzhen Excelsecu Data Technology Co., Ltd (Excelsecu) to develop battery-less dual-interface biometric cards with display.

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In November 2017 we announced a partnership with Feitian Technologies in commercializing a dual-interface biometric smart card for deployment in multiple use cases.

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In October, 2020 IDEX Biometrics announced a collaboration with Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co. Ltd (FMSH), a leading company in the design and development of ASICs and complete systems solutions, to integrate IDEX’s biometric solutions with Fudan Microelectronics’ latest generation Secure Element (SE) targeted at multiple market segments.

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In January 2019 IDEX Biometrics announced that we are partnering with Goldpac Group Ltd. (“Goldpac”), one of the five largest card integrators globally, and the only secure payment solution provider in China to hold simultaneous certifications by China UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners. The objective of the partnership is to launch dual-interface biometric smart cards to customers in China and beyond.

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IDEX Biometrics announced in September 2018 a collaboration with CEC Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. (HED) on a reference design for biometric smart cards. HED products are widely applied in financial payment, government public utilities, identification, telecommunications and mobile payments etc. at home and worldwide.

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In September 2018 we announced a partnership with Hengbao, one of the biggest card companies based in China, covering the banking, telecoms and security sectors. We have partnered to introduce contact based biometric smart cards across the Asian market, with future plans to trial dual-interface cards.  Hengbao supports cards for multiple payment network specifications, including Mastercard, China Union Pay, VISA, and JCB.

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We’ve been a partner of IDEMIA since 2016 and in November 2017 we announced that we had expanded our partnership to advance biometric contactless card solutions.

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In November 2018 we announced a partnership with Infineon Technologies AG, the global leader in smart card payment solutions.

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We’ve been a partner of Mastercard since 2015 and in October 2017 we announced that we had signed a new innovation agreement with Mastercard, to deliver advanced biometric technologies for its payment card products.

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In September 2018 we announced that one of our fingerprint sensor solutions had been successfully integrated into a remote controller by Korean company, Ohsung Electronics.

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In November 2019 announced that we had signed an agreement with Quest Payment Systems, Australia’s largest full-service payment technology supplier with the aim of bringing biometric smart cards to Australasia.

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In May 2019 IDEX Biometrics is pleased to announce that it has entered into partnership with Sian Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd. (“Sian”), a leading Chinese smart card manufacturer, specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of dual-interface smart cards.

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In August 2019 IDEX Biometrics announced that we are partnering with Silone Cardtech (“Silone”), a leading smart card integrator specializing in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of high quality dual-interface smart cards

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In June 2019 IDEX Biometrics is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd (“TMC”), a major secure element vendor in China focusing on the smart card industry.

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In September 2020, we announced a strategic partnership with Ubivelox, a global smart card and software manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

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In December 2019 IDEX Biometrics is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Visionox, China’s largest OLED display manufacturer.The goal of the collaboration is to enable cost-effective, feature-rich smart card systems employing both display and biometric technologies.

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In October 2018 we announced a partnership with XH Smart Tech in China, the leading provider of solutions on IoT and blockchain technologies which are both data user and data centric. The objective of the partnership is to deploy biometric smart cards. We have received an initial order, from XH Smart Tech, for our dual-interface fingerprint sensor to commence integration.

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In April 2020, we announced an agreement that will see Zwipe combining IDEX Biometrics sensor products with the Zwipe Pay ONE platform to enable a complete system solution for biometric payment cards. Zwipe Pay ONE is a technology platform based on a single-chip biometric secure element with operating system and relevant proprietary software. The result will be a compelling biometric payment card offering to card manufacturers in the global market.

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