Our aim is to lead the charge in ridding the world of PINs, passcodes, signatures, communal ID devices and keys. We wish to put simple, secure and personal touch-free identification and authentication at everyone’s fingertips. Our vision is to empower all to prove their digital identity using their fingerprint.

Although the biometric smart card is a relatively new concept, biometric authentication technology has and continues to be used across many different device types, spanning a multitude of use cases, whether securely granting access to a device in a logical access control scenario, a physical access control use case to securely enter a building or pass through a physical barrier/gate, or used to authenticate a transaction, whether that be a payment or used as a secure digital signature.

This in turn presents a significant opportunity to utilize one identity across a variety of use cases and end markets. The biometric payment card is the missing piece of this security puzzle, extending and expanding a biometric fingerprint ‘chain of trust’.

Establishing a ‘chain of trust’ is an important factor for all types of technology, particularly those that house sensitive personal or business data. This is where the fingerprint sensor comes into play. Fingerprint biometric authentication technology has advanced to a point where it provides tech users with an unparalleled level of defense. This makes it a key link in the chain that is known as the ‘Chain of Trust’.

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Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are the answer when an identity needs to be authenticated. If you are a smart card or embedded device manufacturer looking to offer innovative identification and authentication solutions to your customers, then do get in touch; we are an experienced fingerprint sensor manufacturer and biometric experts.