IDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE: IDEX and OTCQB: IDXAF) is a leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure, and personal touch-free authentication for all.  We help people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, unlock devices or gain admittance to buildings. We invent, engineer, and commercialize these secure and safe yet incredibly user-friendly solutions.  Our total addressable market represents a fast growing multi-billion-unit opportunity.

IDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE: IDEX and OTCQB: IDXAF)是一家领先的指纹识别技术提供商,为所有人提 供简单、安全和个人的免触摸身份认证。我们帮助人们进行付款、证明身份、获取信息、解锁设 备或进入大楼。我们发明、设计并商业化了这些安全、可靠且用户友好的解决方案。我们整个潜 在的市场是一个具有快速增长的数十亿计的机会。



Our aim is to lead the charge in ridding the world of PINs, passcodes, signatures, communal ID devices and keys. We wish to put simple, secure, and personal touch-free identification and authentication at everyone's fingertips. Our vision is to empower all to prove their digital identity using their fingerprint.

我们的目标是领导全面消除经常使用的pin、密码、签名、公共ID设备和密钥。我们希望把简单、 安全、个人的免触控身份识别和认证放在每个人的指尖。我们的愿景是让所有人都能通过指纹来 证明自己的数字身份。

Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are the answer when an identity needs to be authenticated. If you are a smart card or embedded device manufacturer looking to offer innovative identification and authentication solutions to your customers, then do get in touch; we are an experienced fingerprint sensor manufacturer and biometric expert.

当需要身份验证时,我们的指纹传感器和生物识别解决方案就是答案。如果您是智能卡或嵌入式 设备制造商,希望为您的客户提供创新的身份识别和认证解决方案,请务必与我们联系;我们是一 个经验丰富的指纹传感器制造商和生物识别专家。

The verticals we provide our solutions to include:

  • Payment cards 支付卡
  • Identification 身份验证
  • Access control 访问控制
  • Healthcare 医疗健康
  • IoT 物联网



IDEX Biometrics is a true end-to-end fingerprint biometric solutions company, and we have developed a full fingerprint biometric platform which includes the fingerprint sensor or module, a range of reference designs and integration kits, biometric algorithms, and a remote enrollment solution. In addition, we have the most extensive preferred partner network regarding complimentary component suppliers including Secure Element (SE) providers and Card Inlay & Prelam providers. This ensures that manufacturers that work with us get to market quicker.

IDEX Biometrics是一家真正的端到端指纹生物识别解决方案公司,我们开发了一个完整的指纹生 物识别平台,包括指纹传感器或模块、一系列参考设计和集成套件、生物识别算法和远程录入解 决方案。此外,我们有最广泛的首选合作伙伴及免费推荐的组件供应商,包括安全元件(SE)供应 商和卡镶嵌和终料供应商。这样可以确保与我们合作的制造商能更快地进入市场。

We recognize that embedding biometric technology into smart cards and embedded devices needs to be planned and managed, so we make it a painless process by having everything already set-up, proven and tested.  For example, we build out proof of concepts, define system requirements and set key performance indicators (KPIs). We also implement the biometric system and validate the associated KPIs. We define and propose the security architecture of the biometric system including secure enrollment, secure biometric verification, and secure communications. This includes security evaluations and security risk assessments. Furthermore, we provide all the kits needed for system development and system characterization to our customers. We even support certification flows (at the biometric, usability and security levels) with the multiple certification bodies (if required) and provide the necessary tooling.

我们意识到,将生物识别技术嵌入智能卡和嵌入式设备需要周全的计划和管理,因此,我们已经 设置、验证和测试了一切,使其成为一个流畅的过程。例如,我们构建概念验证,定义系统需求 和设置关键性能指标(KPI)。我们还实现了生物识别系统,并验证了相关的KPI。我们定义并提出 了生物识别系统的安全架构,包括安全录入、安全生物识别验证和安全通信。这包括安全评估和 安全风险评测。此外,我们为客户提供系统开发和系统特性所需的所有套件。我们甚至支持多个 认证机构(如果有需要)的各种认证流程(生物特征、可用性和安全级别),并提供必要的工具。

The development of biometric fingerprint technologies clearly requires a significant amount of testing, and each fingerprint sensor type is tested in a variety of real-world scenarios, helping to ensure that they function as required in the myriad situations that could be encountered during their lifetime.

生物特征指纹技术的发展显然需要大量的测试,每种指纹传感器类型都在各种现实场景中进行测 试,帮助确保它们在生命周期内可能遇到的极大多数情况下都能正常工作。

There are many, many reasons why we strongly believe that manufacturers of smart cards and embedded devices should choose IDEX over any other supplier, above are just some of the reasons but please reach out of you would like to hear more about Why IDEX Biometrics?

我们有很多很多的理由相信,智能卡和嵌入式设备的制造商都应该选择IDEX而不是其他供应商, 以上只是一些理由,但如果想了解更多关于为什么要IDEX Biometrics,请随时联系。



To hear what the press is saying about us visit our Newsroom at www.idexbiometrics.com/newsroom/
想知道媒体是怎么说我们的,请访问我们的新闻编辑室 www.idexbiometrics.com/newsroom

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If you would like to know more of our thinking read our Blog at www.idexbiometrics.com/blog/
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We have a range of collateral available on the subject of fingerprint biometrics. If you would like to learn more go to Resources at www.idexbiometrics.com/resources
关于指纹生物识别,我们有很多可参考的资料。如果你想了解更多,请访问资源 www.idexbiometrics.com/resources

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To find relevant and updated financial information go to www.idexbiometrics.com/investors.
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To find out more about IDEX Biometrics please reach out to our local, in country, team leader Hunter Hu at hunter.hu@idexbiometrics.com
想了解更过关于IDEX Biometrics信息,请联系我们当地的小队长Hunter Hu,邮件是 hunter.hu@idexbiometrics.com