IDEX Biometrics ASA shares are listed at the Euronext Oslo Børs (ticker IDEX). The share price is quoted in NOK.

IDEX Share Price – Oslo Børs

As of 04 April 2024, IDEX’s share capital is NOK 42,018,983.25 divided into 280,126,555 registered shares at NOK 0.15 nominal value per share.

IDEX does not beneficially hold any of its own shares.

The ISIN of the IDEX share is NO0013107490. The shares are registered in the VPS, the Norwegian Central Securities Depositry. Note, foreign shareholders may hold shares in nominee account(s).

Shareholder Policy

IDEX places great emphasis on ensuring equal treatment of its shareholders. The company has one class of shares. According to Norwegian law and the company’s articles of association, the shares are freely transferable. All shares have equal voting rights and there are no maximum thresholds on voting. The articles of association of IDEX do not contain any provisions restricting foreign ownership of shares. There are no limitations under Norwegian law on the rights of non-residents or foreign owners to hold or vote the shares. IDEX is not aware of any shareholder agreements or other similar understandings among its shareholders that may result in a change in control of IDEX. To the best of the company’s knowledge and belief, no shareholder, or group of shareholders, control the company, directly or indirectly.

IR Policies

IDEX complies with the Oslo Børs Code of Conduct for IR, except that beneficial ownership of shares held in Nominee accounts are not presented as reliable information is not timely available to the company.

The Oslo Børs Code of Conduct for IR (scroll down to Regulatory responsibilities on the webpage, and choose Codes for listed companies)

Key Legal Framework for Shareholders

Information document prepared by Oslo Børs for shareholders in Norwegian listed companies, provided for reference: Key legal Information 20120907