What is the price of our products?

As you can imagine our pricing structure is confidential, but our sales team are happy to discuss your specific requirements. Just send an email to

How long do our products last?

Our products are designed to outlast a standard payment card.

How does the size of fingerprint sensor effect reliability?

If the fingerprint sensor has only captured a small part of the overall fingerprint, trying to match this in everyday use will be extremely difficult. People are unlikely to place their finger on a sensor in the same position every single time, so it is important that the sensor is large enough to capture the fingerprint at a variety of ergonomically friendly angles. This pinching action, known as ‘tip touching’ is very natural when handling a payment card and must therefore be accounted for.

Why is a larger fingerprint sensor surface area important?

A greater surface area allows for a larger proportion of biometric data from a person’s fingerprint. Consequently, accuracy is inherently improved, as the biometric template captured has more data to inform fingerprint authentication.

Why are a high number of false rejects not acceptable?

A high number of false rejects simply will not suffice when it comes to day-to-day consumer card usage. Failed matches when trying to authenticate a payment in store would not just prove inconvenient for consumers but could also cause significant delays for the retailer taking the payment. In an age where consumers have become accustomed to seamless payment processes – multiple failed attempts to match a fingerprint are not an option and could hinder the mass adoption of biometric fingerprint payment cards.

How much power do our sensors need to operate in smart cards?

There is no battery needed for our biometric smart cards to work. They have low power consumption and can operate using the power from a POS terminal. The biometric performance is based on a proprietary matching algorithm that was designed from the ground up for the limited compute resources available in smart cards.