IDEX Biometrics’ fingerprint modules are a complete biometric solution, for use in contact based smart cards, that will ensure you can make your innovations a reality.

Our modules include all you need to develop, prototype and manufacture your own product’s biometric interface. We have taken our market leading SmartFinger® fingerprint sensors, which already come with an image capture ASIC, and combined them with an MCU for post-processing and power management circuitry. This end-to-end solution ensures your biometric innovations deliver superior image quality, extreme durability, and market-leading performance whilst ensuring integration is simple for you.


  • ‘Out of the Box’ biometric solution
  • Supports ‘finger down on power-up’ usage case
  • Superior levels of security
  • Highly compliant including ISO / IEC 7810 ID-1
  • Outstanding biometric & user performance
  • Excellent image fidelity
  • Priced for mass-markets



You can download product flyers below for SmartFinger® IDX3200, our fingerprint sensors for dual-interface smart cards, plus SmartFinger® IDX3400, our fingerprint module, as well as our innovative on and off-card Enrollment Solutions.

SmartFinger® IDX3200 fingerprint sensor – for dual-interface smart cards

SmartFinger® IDX3400 fingerprint module – a complete biometric solution

Enrollment Solutions – for both on-card and off-card enrollment