Fingerprint biometric access control systems and authentication are imperative for the healthcare industry. They are important from the beginning of a patient’s check-in to the processing of out-patient information, providing test results or related information, and everywhere in between.

Fingerprint biometric identification replaces conventional contact-based scanners, wristbands and barcodes to administer medication and also prevents the filing of fraudulent healthcare claims. Implementing biometric identification also extends to access control within hospitals, laboratories, server rooms, workstations and even medical devices controlling access to only authorized users.

Fingerprint sensors – embedded either on a smart card or a device – ensure that only authorized personnel or the correct individual are verified since the physical presence of the person is required for authentication.

Benefits of biometric authentication include:

  • Touch-free authentication & access
  • Superior levels of security
  • The fingerprint never leaves the card (no centralized database)
  • Existing contactless infrastructure can be leveraged
  • Increases patient safety
  • Authentication based on physical presence of the authorized individual
  • Full compliance with privacy regulations
  • Access based on physical presence of authorized personnel.

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