Both private and public entities around the world continue to explore new solutions to manage identification for citizens, travelers, immigrants and foreign workers. Biometric authentication technology successfully identifies and authenticates an individual with a press of a finger and provides 99.99% accuracy of correct identification and authentication.

Biometric sensors, part of the biometric authentication technology solution, can be used to identify an individual to eliminate impersonation, reduce fraudulent activity and even provide proof of life for social welfare claims. This is particularly relevant in emerging regions where social welfare fraud places a significant strain on welfare funds.

Fingerprint sensors – embedded either on a smart card or a device – ensure that only authorized personnel or the correct individual are verified since the physical presence of the person is required for biometric authentication.

Benefits of biometric authentication technology include:

  • 99% accuracy of correct identification and authentication
  • Eliminates impersonation
  • Helps bridge the digital inclusion gap
  • Provides proof of life.

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