IDEX Biometrics is a leading fingerprint sensor manufacturer. Intellectual Property (IP) is the Bill of Materials in all of IDEX’s fingerprint sensor and biometric solutions. Strategic acquisition, development, and investment in IP in all its forms is key to IDEX’s leadership in an extremely competitive market in which multiple global consumer electronics organizations participate.

As of December 2020, IDEX holds over 200 patents and patent applications around the world. IDEX believes its strong IP portfolio provides a significant advantage over the competition.

  • IDEX holds early patents and several unique IP and technology blocks for low-cost fingerprint sensors, matcher technology and enrollment processes
  • IDEX has acquired and licensed additional IP to augment and accelerate our technology offerings
  • IDEX has a strong and compelling product roadmap
  • IDEX has made a significant ongoing investment in the development of an IP portfolio and IP strategy that is well positioned to secure and protect IDEX’s share of rapidly developing mass markets.