IDEX Biometrics – Let’s Talk Hardware

Welcome to our second 2021 Let’s Talk post on how IDEX Biometrics is more than just a component supplier in the biometric sensor space. In this post, Peter Kollig, Senior Director of Engineering, Systems Architecture at IDEX Biometrics, discusses the hardware components of the biometric solution set.

The hardware components of the IDEX Biometrics platform consists of the following:

  • The Secure Element (SE) provided by our preferred SE partners, (including CEC Huada, Infineon, , Fudan Microelectronics, ST Microelectronics, Tongxin Microelectronics & Tsinghua Tongfang) which the customer uses with the appropriate SE Card Operating System (COS)
  • The IDEX TrustedBio™ sensor which consist of our TrustedBio System-on-Chip (SOC) mounted onto a flexible polymer substrate with IDEX patented off-chip sensing technology. In addition to the fingerprint sensing circuitry, the TrustedBio SOC integrates a state-of-the-art ARM® Cortex® MCU, a rectifier bridge and power regulation circuits necessary to harvest power from a shared Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna. The TrustedBio sensor can harvest its own power, be powered by the SE, or it can provide power to the SE.

As part of our solution, we provide schematics, Gerber files, SE software and a complete set of documents. This provides a comprehensive, all-around solution designed to meet the needs of every customer.

Each of these key points is a factor in the development of IDEX’s biometric fingerprint platform and solutions and provides ample opportunity for growth and development, a philosophy that IDEX fully embraces. With a goal of user accessibility and ease of use, bringing biometrics to new sectors has become a key focus of the company. These advances in technology have come from significant efforts, including testing and piloting the solutions in a variety of situations where they provide significant benefits to our customers.

The future of the fingerprint biometric authentication market is ripe with possibility, and we look forward to advancing the technology and help it grow into a commonly used and trusted means of identification and authentication.

The previous post in our 2021 Let’s Talk series on more than a component supplier gave an overview of how IDEX Biometrics is Changing the Fingerprint Sensor Market by Offering a Comprehensive and Different Approach.