Enhancing the Customer Experience with Biometric Authentication

Welcome to our 3-part blog series on biometrics and the shopping experience. In this third and final post, Brian Roberts, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management at IDEX Biometrics, discusses how the customer experience can be enhanced with biometric authentication. The previous post in our series on biometrics and the shopping experience looked at foolproof Security for credit and debit card transactions.

Biometric technology has been long recognized as a silver bullet for providing customer security, both online and offline. The banking and financial services giants are set for a major overhaul by gradually doing away with scattershot authentication techniques and switching to fail-safe systems such as biometric authentication. Why? The hackers are going the extra mile more than ever before to get access to confidential credentials of users.

After gaining grounds in multiple verticals such as human resource management, healthcare, forensics, and government agencies, biometric authentication is soon going to usher in a phenomenal change in the banking sector too.

Why Biometrics?

You might already be aware that biometric security is unique to an individual that cannot be replicated. The system assures ultimate accuracy eliminating any chances of forgery. It also reduces the administrative burden of the financial organizations and scales up Return on Investment (ROI). It can be safely stated that biometric-enabled payment card systems are a revolutionary step towards addressing credit card fraud. Besides simplifying online and offline transactions, a display on a biometric enabled card can also be used to show additional information such as a card balance or verification feedback.

Successful trials

After passing a series of tests, biometric authentication has been acknowledged to be the answer to consumer security. Fingerprint sensor technology for contact-based cards has successfully underpinned customer trials across the globe underlining the huge demand for biometric smart cards throughout the payments industry.

The leading provider of capacitive off-chip fingerprint solutions, IDEX Biometrics, has validated the need for biometric-enabled payment cards with their extensive research and customer trials. After successfully passing engineering integration and validation, they have successfully demonstrated how biometrics is going to have a profound impact in counteracting the challenges of payment card fraud.

  • There is a significant demand for fingerprint sensor card solutions, particularly in Asia, where its number of active engagements has more than tripled within the past few months. This includes engagements with some of the largest card manufacturers in China.
  • Both consumers and card issuers globally have responded positively leading to deployments. IDEX Biometrics has already partnered with Mastercard on developing an innovative on-card enrolment solution to aid secure mass enrolment for biometric cards.
  • IDEX Biometrics have successfully integrated sensors in dual-interface cards intended for multiple applications including payments and identification.

So, it’s quite clear consumers are ready to adopt biometric-enabled payment cards for making safe transactions.  Gradually global financial services providers will switch to this biometric technology, paving the way for efficient and secure payments while enhancing the customer experience.

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The previous post in our series on biometrics and the shopping experience looked at foolproof Security for credit and debit card transactions.