Did you know that IDEX Biometrics’ TrustedBio™ Max has a biometric vector accelerator?

Did you know that IDEX Biometrics’ TrustedBio™ Max has a biometric vector accelerator?  TrustedBio Max can scan and complete a secure match on Infineon’s SLC38 security controller in 250 ms, 3 to 4 times faster than any other solution.

TrustedBio Max, the newest member of the TrustedBio family of products, designed to work with low-cost secure elements, has demonstrated the world’s fastest biometric performance for cards.  This extremely fast operation means that a complete biometric contactless transaction, including point of sale communication, will feel the same as a regular tap and pay contactless transaction.

This outstanding performance is achieved by:

  • 3rd generation scan engine: a high-speed hardware accelerated capacitive scan engine.
  • Large area sensor (9.5mm x 9.5mm): More data which accelerates match vs no match decisions.
  • Highly optimized ARM Cortex-M3 processor subsystem: ARM will operate up to 200 MHz.
  • Biometric vector accelerator: works as a coprocessor to the ARM to accelerate the matcher algorithm.
  • Efficient energy harvesting and advanced power management: enables TrustedBio subsystems to operate at high speed with very low power consumption.

To put this in perspective, one would need a processor operating at more than 300 MHz to match the speed of TrustedBio’s processing system. 300 MHz is at least 3 times faster than any other processor on biometric cards.

In addition to being the fastest, TrustedBio Max makes card design simple.  TrustedBio Max hardware and software takes care of all the complex processing, energy harvesting, power management, secure communication, enrollment, and biometric feature extraction.  Integrating TrustedBio Max with a low-cost secure element can be done quickly with low development costs and minimal processor and memory burden on the secure element.

Lowest cost, fastest performance, simplest integration into cards is why TrustedBio products are the sensors of choice for biometric cards.