IDEX has the strongest core patent portfolio of any independent capacitive fingerprint supplier outside Apple consisting of more than 20 patent families including more than 200 granted patents, as well as cross licenses with Apple, setting high barrier to entry. This is a great asset in the fingerprint industry in which the patent landscape is highly constrained due to historic vendor consolidation.

IDEX holds early patents and several unique intellectual property and technology blocks for low‐cost capacitive fingerprint sensors and has a unique cross‐license with Apple relating to this technology, leading to a compelling product roadmap with strong IP protection. The patents portfolio includes all key IP elements required to make a low cost high performance fingerprint sensor, and IDEX is positioned to secure significant share of this rapidly developing mass market.

IDEX’s has made two major acquisition of IP. In 2013 IDEX strengthened its IP position with the acquisition of Picofield to enable a new off-chip touch sensor. Late 2014 IDEX acquired patents and an algorithm to secure industry best touch matching algorithm.

IDEX has extensive patent coverage to 2023 and beyond with key jurisdictions in Europe and the US covered by patents. This gives IDEX a competitive advantage as global original equipment manufacturers (OEM) consider patent protection critical to selling globally.

Some of the key patents of IDEX gives the company unique strengths in the following areas:

  • Off-Chip sensing (one of two vendors)
  • Very strong algorithms for both swipe and touch sensors
  • Through Substrate Sensing technology for imaging through polymer, glass or silicon
  • Live finger detection
  • AC/RF-capacitive sensing technology