Strong interest in IDEX SmartFinger Film after prestigious prize

Numerous approaches from the card industry after IDEX received prestigious award for its fingerprint sensor.




Oslo, 28 January 2011: IDEX is experiencing strongly increasing interest in the company’s SmartFinger® Film fingerprint sensor after it was awarded a winner’s prize at the prestigious Sesames industry award at the Cartes & IDentification 2010 exhibition in Paris in December.


The SmartFinger Film sensor is made of polymer and ultra thin. It is bendable and can be embedded into cards in the credit card format. IDEX has responded to numerous requests and shipped development kits to important suppliers in the card industry. A development kit includes the sensor, control circuitry and software to demonstrate and test the sensor and also to develop applications based on the SmartFinger technology.


The award has also led to interest from media, including international trade publications. Selected media clippings are available at the IDEX website:


“It is very encouraging to us that potential customers and partners all over the world have realized how advanced we are in this field,” said Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO of IDEX, who considers that SmartFinger Film is facing a commercial breakthrough.


Bernstein gave a presentation during the professional conference at the Cartes & IDentification exhibition. The subject of the presentation was ‘Polymer fingerprint sensors for biometric system-on-card applications’. The presentation is available at the IDEX website:


The SmartFinger Film is an ultra-thin and bendable fingerprint sensor where the sensor area is made of polymer. The sensor is well suited for use in various cards in credit card format, such as one-time password cards (OTP cards), smart cards and ID cards. The system comprised of the fingerprint sensor, the verification software and the fingerprint data can thus be incorporated in the card. The fingerprint data is never transmitted or stored in a card reader or elsewhere, and there is no need for special card readers. The first functional cards with the SmartFinger Film-sensor were presented at the Cartes & IDentification exhibition in December 2010.


IDEX recently reported the first order for at trial batch of SmartFinger Film sensors, from U.S.-based Validus Technologies Inc. Validus has developed the ValidCard(TM), a biometric OTP card that includes a display. Validus has been working with the IDEX SmartFinger Film technology over the past six months.


About SmartFinger® Film
The patented IDEX SmartFinger Film sensor is an ultra thin and bendable fingerprint sensor, based on state of the art polymer technology, low power consumption and offers superior biometric performance. The SmartFinger Film fingerprint swipe sensor can be easily implemented into a variety of applications requiring biometric authentication such as One Time Password devices, smartcards, ID cards, access control devices and biometric tokens. The technology is protected by multiple patent families, covering subjects such as sensing principles, sensor component design, image processing algorithms. Combining the extremely small software footprint with low-resource microcontrollers and the thin and bendable form factor, IDEX is able to offer a complete biometric authentication solution tailored specifically for card applications.


IDEX ASA is a Norwegian public company specializing in fingerprint imaging and recognition technology. IDEX’ vision is to ensure individuals a safe, secure, and user-friendly use of personal ID. IDEX has developed the award-winning SmartFinger Film technology platform including the patented fingerprint imaging principle, sensing scheme and chip design. Combined with core software solutions for imaging and authentication SmartFinger Film enables on-device enrollment, template storage and verification within the very same module. The SmartFinger Film sensor is thin and bendable and can be customized for a variety of applications such as One Time Password devices, Smartcards, ID cards, access control devices and biometric tokens. The SmartFinger technology is available to customers under an intellectual property (IP) licensing scheme or as SmartFinger Film sensor assemblies for integration into customers’ products. IDEX ASA (ticker IDEX) is listed at the Oslo Axess market place on the Oslo Børs (Oslo stock exchange). For more information, please visit or contact IDEX at:


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