Mandatory notice of trade in IDEX

IDEX ASA issues this notice on behalf of the primary insiders mentioned.

The board of directors of IDEX has granted incentive subscription rights (“SRs”) to the following primary insiders in the company:

Henrik Knudtzon, CFO, 375,000 SRs. Following the grant, Mr. Knudtzon holds or controls 0 (nil) shares and 1,875,000 SRs in IDEX.

Andrew James (Andy) MacLeod, who is a board member, 500,000 SRs in his capacity as service provider to the company beyond board duties. Following the grant, Mr. MacLeod holds or controls 379,092 shares and 500,000 SRs in IDEX.

Hemant Mardia, CEO, 1,000,000 SRs.

Preeti Mardia, SVP Operations, 250,000 SRs.

Following the grant, Ms. and Mr. Mardia hold or control a combined total of 265,625 shares and 8,250,000 SRs in IDEX.

Art Stewart, SVP Product Management, 200,000 SRs. Following the grant, Mr. Stewart holds or controls 0 (nil) shares and 950,000 SRs in IDEX.

Anthony Sweeney, SVP Engineering, 150,000 SRs. Following the grant, Mr. Sweeney holds or controls 0 (nil) shares and 500,000 SRs in IDEX.

The grant was made under the company’s 2015 incentive subscription rights plan as resolved at the annual general meeting on 12 May 2015. The exercise price of the SRs is NOK 8.10 per share. 25 per cent of the SRs vest at each anniversary of the grant. 25% of Mr. MacLeod’s SRs vest at the date of the grant. The SRs expire on 12 May 2020.

29 February 2016


Henrik Knudtzon, CFO,  +47 9302 2827,  hk(at)

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.