IDEX – Voting disclosure Morten Opstad

The instant notice is issued by IDEX ASA (“IDEX”) on behalf of a person holding large voting rights.

Up to the registration deadline on 15 February 2010, Morten Opstad, chairman of the board of directors of IDEX who shall also open the extraordinary general meeting on 17 February 2010, had received powers of attorney to represent and vote for a total of 139,395,370 shares, or 39.4 per cent of the share capital, including shares held by Mr. Opstad and close relations. Some of the powers of attorney include voting instructions. The powers of attorney are only valid at the extraordinary general meeting.

Mr. Opstad and close associates hold 8,814,144 warrants in IDEX.

The total registered attendance at the Extraordinary General Meeting amounted to 212,647,284 or 60.0 per cent of the share capital in IDEX. Additional registrations for attendance may be recorded provided such registration is properly documented and can take place in an orderly manner.

16 February 2010

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements acc. to §5-12 vphl (Norwegian Securities Trading Act)