IDEX showcased the world’s first flexible touch fingerprint sensor for SmartCards and receives massive industry interest

IDEX, a leading developer of advanced fingerprint solutions for mass markets, has been exhibiting the world’s first ISO card form factor compliant flexible sensor for SmartCards at the Trustech Conference in Cannes this week, a global event for payments and identification. The CEO of IDEX, Dr. Hemant Mardia, was one of the speakers at the conference.

“Biometric authentication was certainly one of the main themes this year, and we received massive interest from both potential customers and ecosystem partners at the conference. There were several requests for trial products from banks and governmental entities, and we progressed our activity with major card integrators. We left the conference on a high note with feedback from major players that IDEX is at the frontier of fingerprint sensing in cards”, says Dr. Mardia.

Several verticals drive the smart card market. Biometric payment, ID and access cards have high volume and growth potential globally, driven by greater security and convenience. There is further government driven demand for cards for financial inclusion, combining ID and payment.

In a smartcard, it is essential to have a thin and flexible sensor combining low power with high biometric performance at a compelling cost. In addition, the manufacturing of the sensor needs to be compatible with standard card manufacturing processes.

“We have had feedback from the ecosystem that our solution is compelling and transformational for the smartcard market. IDEX’s off-chip sensor technology is perfectly suited for the challenging requirements of a biometric smartcard. We have several strategic partners in place and the sensor is ready for volume manufacturing. We have shipped initial volumes for customer trials and expect volume shipments in the second half of 2017.”

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Hemant Mardia, CEO, +44 7788 922 171, hm(at)
Henrik Knudtzon, CFO, +47 9302 2827, hk(at)

About IDEX
IDEX develops advanced fingerprint sensor technology and products. The technology is used in a range of biometrically enabled applications within three core markets: mobile devices, ID security and smart cards and the internet of things (IOT). IDEX addressable market represents a fast growing multi-billion unit opportunity.

IDEX’ technology includes both silicon and polymer based capacitive sensors, which means that the company can offer its partners unique solutions which are flexible and cost efficient.

IDEX ASA (ticker IDEX) is a Norwegian company, founded in 1996 and listed on the Oslo stock exchange in 2010.

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