IDEX prospectus dated 11 December 2012

Reference is made to the notice published by the company on 9 November 2012 regarding the completed private placement of 27,196,064 new shares.
The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway approved the following prospectus on 11 December 2012: Prospectus in connection with the admission to trading on Oslo Axess of 27,196,064 new shares issued in a private placement resolved on 9 November 2012.
The prospectus will be available in electronic format at where it will be a current item in the “IDEX News” column, and also!/investors/financial-reports-presentations/   heading Prospectuses.
Printed copies may be obtained free of charge at the offices of IDEX ASA at Rolfsbuktveien 17, NO-1364 Fornebu, Norway or email:
The prospectus is also enclosed with this notice.
11 December 2012
Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO, +47 9305 9303,
Inge Berge, Investor relations contact, +47 9326 8836,
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