IDEX – Disclosure of holding – 26 May 2023

This notice is issued by IDEX Biometrics ASA on behalf of the shareholder mentioned below.

IDEX Biometrics ASA disclosed on 24 May 2023 that it had conducted a private placement of 147 million new shares in IDEX Biometrics. Tranche 1 of the private placement amounted to 116,897,492 shares. In connection with the private placement, the managers of the private placement, IDEX Biometrics and certain existing shareholders entered into a share lending agreement.

Mr. Robert Keith participated in the private placement and subscribed for 12,922,514 shares. Mr. Keith has also lent 42,000,000 shares in connection with the settlement of the private placement. The shares have been lent, not sold, and will be returned in due course. After the temporary disposal of shares, Mr. Keith and close relations hold 115,873,873 shares or rights to shares or 9.0% of the total outstanding shares and votes in IDEX Biometrics, based on the share capital after completion of Tranche 1 of the private placement.

This notice was published by Erling Svela, Vice president of finance, on 26 May 2023 at 14:15 CET on behalf of IDEX Biometrics ASA.