IDEX Biometrics Confirms SmartFinger® Naming Convention for its Market Leading Fingerprint Technologies

Oslo, Norway, 17 December 2018: IDEX Biometrics (IDEX ASA) the leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, today confirmed its external naming convention for its fingerprint technologies – sensors and modules – SmartFinger®.

IDEX Biometrics is one of only two suppliers to offer off-chip capacitive fingerprint sensors and solutions, and the only supplier using this technology with the preferred ridge matching biometric algorithm. IDEX’s off-chip capacitive sensors separate the fingerprint sensing elements from the chip that acquires the image and processes the biometric data. This ingenious design ensures excellent security, significantly higher image fidelity, superb noise immunity and market-leading usability under real-world conditions. All while ensuring the cost is kept at a mass-market friendly level.

Customers choosing IDEX’s sensors are ensured high degrees of flexibility when it comes to sensor design, including the option to use different substrate materials tailored to specific applications. This enables IDEX’s technology to be used in multiple applications including, but not limited to, smart cards for payments, smart cards for government ID, smart cards for access control plus a wide range of applications in IoT, embedded systems and healthcare.

IDEX’s biometric solutions bring together a highly optimized image capture sensor with world-class biometric matching algorithms to result in superior security strength while maintaining outstanding usability. Onboard encryption blocks enable end-to-end transport-level security between the sensing system and host processor.

“We love the SmartFinger name as it clearly and instantly tells what we do,” said Stan Swearingen, CEO at IDEX Biometrics. “Our SmartFinger fingerprint technologies are highly secure, customizable and deliver a strong biometric performance whilst ensuring an outstanding user experience.”.

An additional benefit is that IDEX’s sensors can be built from a silicon-on-polymer process which enables them to be very bendable. IDEX’s silicon-on polymer sensors are capable of being bent, flexed and twisted without breaking, a capability that is essential for a fingerprint sensor to be used in biometrically enabled smart cards.

SmartFinger® IDX3205 Fingerprint Sensor is already being used in partners dual-interface cards and SmartFinger® IDX3400 Biometric Module is also being used in various partners contact only cards.


Henrik Knudtzon, CFO,
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About IDEX Biometrics

IDEX Biometrics, also known as IDEX ASA (OSE: IDEX), is the leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure and personal authentication for all. We help people make payments, prove their identity, gain access to information, unlock devices or gain admittance to buildings with the touch of a finger. We invent, engineer and commercialize these secure, yet incredibly user-friendly solutions. Our total addressable market represents a fast-growing multi-billion-unit opportunity.

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