IDEX ASA: Welcome breakthrough for fingerprint

Oslo, Norway, 20 March 2012: The Norwegian public body Privacy Appeals Board (Personvernnemnda) has now allowed the use of fingerprint to verify that a customer is old enough to buy beer and tobacco.

The Privacy Appeals Board handles appeals from another public body, The Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet), which had previously refused to accept the proposed solution.

“This is an important milestone in the use of fingerprint in Norway. We are very happy with the decision of the Privacy Appeals Board,” said CEO Ralph W. Bernstein of IDEX ASA.

“Those of us who  work with fingerprint know that today there are good solutions that handles privacy issues while at the same time provides a safe, secure and user-friendly authentication of a person’s identity,” Bernstein said.

IDEX has developed fingerprint technology where privacy issues are given the highest priority. Using the SmartFinger Film® sensor, one can easily verify that the right person is using a card, mobile phone or a similar device – without having to store the user’s fingerprint information in a central database. By incorporating the fingerprint sensor and data storage on the device, sensitive biometric user data is never transmitted out of the card.

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Ralph W. Bernstein, CEO, +47 9305 9303,


IDEX ASA is a Norwegian public company specializing in fingerprint imaging and recognition technology. IDEX’ vision is to ensure individuals a safe, secure, and user-friendly use of personal ID. IDEX has developed the award-winning SmartFinger Film technology platform including the patented fingerprint imaging principle, sensing scheme and chip design. The SmartFinger technology is available to customers under an intellectual property licensing scheme or as SmartFinger Film sensor assemblies for integration into customers’ products. For more information, please visit or contact IDEX at: