How to Assure Strong Customer Authentication for E-commerce Transactions

Welcome to the 3rd blog post in our series on Card Not Present transactions. In this post, David Orme, SVP Sales, and Marketing at IDEX Biometrics discuss how to assure strong customer authentication for e-commerce transactions. The previous post in our series on Card Not Present provided 5 reasons why Card Not Present transactions can be risky.

For a long time, card numbers and security codes known as CVV numbers have been the norm when it comes to authenticating identities during online transactions. However, thanks to the advent of the fingerprint sensor module, e-commerce authentication is about to change. No longer will your identity and bank account be protected by flimsy codes; your unique biometric data can be infused into your payment cards so you’re the only person accessing your funds and information. Read on to learn how new technology has been refined to maximize your security during in-person and e-commerce transactions.

Unique Fingerprints Assure Your Authenticity While You Shop

Advanced fingerprint sensors are available to be set into payment cards and identification cards so they are linked to you and only you. Since fingerprints are unique to each individual, it is incredibly difficult to duplicate them; your unique bio-signature is required to use these advanced cards, so you are the only person capable of using those cards and their relevant funds. This means security and authenticity have been upgraded, and this is great news for consumers.

A fingerprint sensor module may be used to stop transactions from even starting. By locking the use of a card behind your unique fingerprint, you can prevent would-be thieves from taking anything from you. It is an extra layer of security, and a strong one.

Additionally, integrating a dynamic display into a biometric card will allow for dynamic CVV providing a unique security code for each online transaction.

Advanced Image Detection Prevents Mistaken Identities and Theft

The very best fingerprint sensors utilize strong image detection software in order to scrutinize the finest details of your fingerprint, so you can rest assured that only you and your unique fingerprint may unlock access to your valuable funds. E-commerce has long been a risky venture no matter what sort of security you use to protect your assets, but new fingerprint sensor technology helps strengthen your security with strong fingerprint image recognition.

This strong image capture and image recognition technology also ensure that your card won’t be locked up due to technical malfunctions. With the best image capture software available, a fingerprint sensor module can capture your fingerprint in high fidelity and authenticate it with the utmost precision. It is this incredible image capture capability that will enable financial organizations to offer cards that are secure and unique to you.

Battery-Free and As Green as Can Be

While this new technology sounds complex and difficult to power, it is actually possible to embed a payment card with a fingerprint sensor without using complicated batteries or bulky chargers. Advanced circuitry is used to power the fingerprint sensor without relying on outdated batteries and redundant equipment.

The future of authenticated and secure e-commerce is here thanks to clever design and forward thinking. Fingerprint sensor modules push cards to the next level so they are more secure and hassle-free than before. Your card is uniquely yours, and it’s that easy to use.

The previous post in our series on Card Not Present looked at how fingerprint sensor cards can prevent Card Not Present fraud.

The previous post in our series on Card Not Present provided 5 reasons why Card Not Present transactions can be risky.