Find Biometrics: IDEX On Track for Q4 Pilots, 2019 ‘Volume Deliveries’ in Q3 Update

8 November 2018

IDEX Biometrics has issued its Q3 update for 2018, in which the company is once again emphasizing the potential to be tapped in the emerging biometric payment cards market.

The company’s leadership are intently focused on what’s to come at least in part because the current state of the mobile biometrics market has affected IDEX in much the same way that it has affected other fingerprint sensor providers. Revenues for Q3 came in at NOK 1.08 million, compared to revenues of NOK 3.51 million a year ago; and the company’s cost of goods sold landed at NOK 830,000, compared to about NOK 3.16 million in Q3 of last year. That appears to be indicative of the falling ASPs seen by other fingerprint sensor specialists in an increasingly saturated market.

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