David Orme

SVP, Sales & Marketing


David joined IDEX Biometrics as SVP of Sales and Marketing in June 2018. He has a strong track record in supporting key sales, marketing and business development activity, in particular from Bell ID, where he was the CEO for nine years and drove the business to substantial growth until acquisition by Rambus Inc., a top tier semiconductor company, in 2016. Most recently, David has helped transition the Bell ID business to being part of Rambus Security Division. He has also been the COO of Quadnetics Group plc and Bell Group plc, both major electronic security companies. David holds a BA Honours in Management Studies from Leeds University and is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Directors. He was born in 1963, is a British citizen and resides in Doncaster.

As at 15 August 2018, David held 0 (nil) shares and 2,000,000 subscription rights to shares in IDEX.