Card Tech presents an ISO form-factor compliant biometric card with IDEX fingerprint sensor, ready for mass production

Press release 4 November 2014

In July 2014 IDEX ASA announced continuation of its partnership with Card Tech srl for high-volume biometric card solutions, including an initial order for IDEX sensors. IDEX has delivered initial volumes, and the sensors have been incorporated into the Card Tech Smart Card. Development of the Smart Card has been completed by Card Tech and it is now ready for mass production. An undisclosed first-tier manufacturing partner has been responsible for the industrialization and PCBA manufacturing. The Smart Card will be demonstrated for the first time at the trade fair Cartes in Paris 4-6 November 2014.

“In addition to ensuring perfect functionality of a very innovative device, we have also been able to provide guaranteed mass production, which is a notable accomplishment. The SmartFinger sensor from IDEX enables Card Tech to offer supreme biometric performance in ISO-standard cards,” said Fabrizio Borracci, Chairman of Card Tech. “The future potential is very large due to the numerous application fields. In addition, the Smart Card is compatible with existing infrastructure, including badge and payment card readers. We are well prepared for market implementation with customised solutions.”

“The very nature of the Internet and mobile technology is changing as open standards are finally enabling very large scale deployments,” said Michael Barrett, member of IDEX’s advisory council. Mr Barrett is also President of the FIDO Alliance and former Chief Information Security Officer of PayPal. “IDEX is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend, given their own solid lead in at-scale biometric authentication.” 

Smart Card by Card Tech integrates an advanced polymer capacitive biometric sensor, software and market-leading algorithm from IDEX, which can operate on a low power micro-controller to perform the real-time reconstruction of the image and comparison with the user’s enrolled fingerprint. This enables a system-on-card biometric control for maximum security and privacy. The verification of the user’s biometric data is performed inside the device, without the need for external databases or other readers. The thin and flexible sensor is integrated within a 0.76 mm thick Smart Card, compliant to ISO 7810ID-1, the international standard of most payment cards. IDEX’s polymer fingerprint sensor meets required ISO bending tolerance, whereas silicon die based sensors would be brittle and more likely to break.

“We are very pleased about the announcement of an ISO-compliant card from Card Tech that uses IDEX’s bendable and thin SmartFinger sensor. We believe this production readiness of a biometric system-on-card solution, compatible with existing card reader infrastructure, represents an industry first,” said Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX. He added, “While we continue to have a strong focus on the mobile market, we see an increasing level of interest in our fingerprint sensor solutions for cards as we deepen our engagement with well-known players throughout the card value chain. We are confident that our patented off-chip technology and advanced algorithms yield the lowest-cost ISO-compliant card sensor solutions, which positions IDEX to be a leading provider of fingerprint sensors to the broader card market.”


Card Tech srl

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About Card Tech
Card Tech srl is a privately held Italian company which operates in the sector of the research, development and marketing of mobile devices devoted to security. Card Tech aims to improve the life of people thanks to innovative, secure and user-friendly solutions and products. In the smart cards sector, the company has developed and patented internationally ISO7810 ID-1 and ISO 7816 compliant card fitted with an ultra-thin biometric sensor, battery and chip that allow for a secure match-on-card system.

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About IDEX
IDEX ASA specialises in fingerprint imaging and recognition technology. The company has a strong patent portfolio consisting of more than 20 patent families including more than 200 granted patents, as well as cross licenses with Apple. IDEX has a highly competitive product road map including swipe sensors, touch sensors with disruptive cost positions, and a unique in-glass solution. The company is currently in the process of commercialising the products.

IDEX’s addressable market represents a multi-billion unit opportunity, centred on three core markets: Mobile, ID & Smart Cards and the Internet of Things. IDEX has seen a substantial increase in interest from global OEMs in the last quarters, and is positioned as of three independent players with the relevant IP to capture market share.

IDEX ASA (ticker IDEX) is a Norwegian public company listed at the Oslo Axess market place on the Oslo Børs (Oslo stock exchange). For more information, please visit or contact IDEX at

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