Biometrics no longer a novelty at this year’s biggest payments event, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas

Last week, IDEX Biometrics attended Money 20/20, an international conference held in Las Vegas, USA. IDEX met with its partners, as well as card makers and financial services providers to discuss and accelerate the growth of biometric payment cards. Leading solutions providers such as IDEMIA and Feitian had fingerprint sensor technology enabled cards incorporating IDEX technology on display.

So what did IDEX Sales and Marketing VP David Orme feel after being a part of this major event? Orme stated, “The early days of biometrics where it was felt to be invasive and a privacy concern are long gone. Biometric smart card systems are definitely now being accepted as a legitimate part of the payment ecosystem and are being treated as such by Money2020, card manufacturers and issuing banks. It’s no longer a novelty or held in suspicion, it’s definitely the norm.”

Orme added that the reason behind the rapid growth of biometric payment cards is because “the card becomes personal to the user.” Card issuers feel that the card is the last physical connection with the consumer, making it more personal to them. Orme also confirmed that it’s been a great year for IDEX as it received the world’ first biometric payment card production order. Orme says, “We’ve started chipping in this October and will complete the order before the end of the year. We are also very well along with our remote enrolment solution which we see as a key consideration in scaling up biometric smart cards so that the consumer can enroll at home. The current methods of authentication are impersonal, inconvenient and insecure. We feel we can change that with IDEX.”