Be Your Own Authentication with Fingerprint Biometric Solutions

We live in a fast-paced, digital world, so being able to effectively prove your identity online has become a top priority. That is why being able to “be your own authentication” can make navigating this new world a much more secure experience. In practice, this means having the ability to prove your own identity in the digital space, through a streamlined, technologically advanced and trustworthy method.

Why It’s Time For A New Way Of Authentication

The growing importance of the online universe means that working, studying and shopping in a virtual space, rather than face to face, is the norm for many. With the coming of the metaverse and Web 3.0 this immersion in an increasingly digital world is only likely to accelerate. In order for these digital interactions to be carried out safely, authenticating each person’s identity is imperative. In practice, this means that we have reached a stage where our personal details, needed to prove that we are who we say we are, are being entered into multiple online spaces, time and time again. Not only is this a rather time-consuming and unwieldy process, but it also means that our sensitive personal data ends up being stored by many different organizations. And, with cyber criminals recognizing the high value of this personal data, we could all be put at risk if one of the organizations holding our information should suffer a data breach.

As a result, many people are expressing a significant lack of trust in the existing authentication methods used. And, whilst moves such as introducing multi-factor authentication processes can undoubtedly make the online world a more secure environment, the trade-off is more time spent entering proof of our identity each day. The need for a more convenient, yet highly secure, fresh approach to authentication is clear. The good news is that this technology is already at our fingertips.

Consumers Trust Fingerprint Sensor Authentication

Thanks to its use in commonly owned devices such as smartphones and tablets, consumers already know and trust biometric authentication technology. According to recent research by Idemia/Dentsu Lab Data, 85% of consumers feel confident about biometric payment cards. The simple act of scanning a fingerprint provides a quick, reliable means of proving identity that is basically impossible to forge. Customers understand the value of this technology and appreciate its convenience and ease of use, as well as feeling better protected from loss or misuse of their personal data. That’s because all of the data is securely stored within the fingerprint sensor card itself, rather than being kept in the cloud, where it can be unclear who will have access to it or how it may be used. Simply put, biometric authentication gives control back to the consumer.

With the technology already available and familiar to consumers, the time is right to roll out fingerprint sensor chips into payment cards, allowing users to safely navigate the digital world. With a range of benefits, including convenience, inclusion (creating a secure digital identity that doesn’t depend on a smartphone or internet access), and, of course, unrivalled data privacy, biometric authentication via a fingerprint sensor truly allows us to take ownership of our digital identity as echoed by Charles Walton, Senior Advisor, SVP & GM Identity, Avast, who comments “Biometric fingerprint authentication is a valuable way to do this, and ensure the user is control of their own identity. They become their own authentication.”