8 Reasons why Biometric Identification is More than Just Fingerprints

By Anthony Eaton, VP, Systems Engineering

The days of using your PIN every time you make a payment or unlock your phone might soon become a thing of the past. People are already switching to biometric identification techniques such as fingerprint recognition to validate the authenticity of the user. From maintaining the employees’ attendance to combating the challenges of online and offline fraudulence, biometric recognition systems have outsmarted every other security measure.

After its popularity in other environments, it is now gaining ground in financial payment systems. Biometric payment cards are already available and are gathering customer interest and engagement with every passing day. Let’s review this unique system and what makes it so sought-after.

1. Unique to the user:

A fingerprint consists of unique features such as ridges, valleys and minutiae points that are unique to an individual. It is almost impossible to replicate a fingerprint and it never changes with time unless there is an unusual occurrence.

2. Loss-proof:

Customers often mistype or forget their PINs or feel skeptical to use it, especially when they are making payments. Fingerprint identification eliminates such instances as the user is only required to use their fingerprint as their identity.

3. High security:

Security concerns are one of the most important reasons why biometric authentication has become the need of the hour. With biometric authentication, you are able to eliminate payment fraud activities such as card skimming, chip switching and shoulder surfing, etc.

4. Speed:

PIN authentication might take a few seconds or more if you use the wrong one whereas fingerprint recognition is a seamless,near-instant process. This will save a lot of time for both the customers and businesses involved.

5. Low maintenance:

Biometric-enabled payment cards are more cost-effective compared to the maintenance cost of PINs and passwords. With the increasing demand for biometric credit and debit payment cards, fingerprint sensor technology providers are already working on a convenient and cost-effective enrollment solution for their clients.

6. Flexible design:

Biometric payments cards that are already gaining traction in the consumer market are thin, small and bendable. The innovative design makes it suitable to carry it like any other card.

7. Easy enrollment:

Initially the idea of using a biometric payment card might seem a bit far-fetched but the process of enrollment can’t get any simpler. The user is not required to visit a bank or upload their biometric data to any central database and they can enroll by simply placing their finger on the card’s sensor.

8. Enhanced user experience:

With high-quality fingerprint image and biometric processing, performance is optimized in an exceptional way. It allows the users to place their finger at any angle, so the card can always recognize the user no matter how they hold the sensor.

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